Sunday, April 20, 2008

Domain Parking--NameDrive

Those looking for free reliable domain parking need to look no further than NameDrive.Name Drive offers flexible templates with many headers to customize the look and feel of your ppc landing pages. Their program is simple and straight forward, park as many or as few domain as you wish. They also offer an excellent park and sell service which allows domain owners to list domain’s for sale. The park and sell program is a commission free program which domain owner keep’s the entire fee.

NameDrive's services are very easy to set up and use. There are no lengthy waits for approval, and you can create one-click landing pages on demand. As with any service, these pages should accurately match the traffic coming to your site.

Their landing pages are attractive and flexible. If you view your domain portfolio settings ("Domain Portfolio" tab, and "Settings" tab) you will see small magnifying glass icons toward the middle of the page (between 'keyword' and 'header'). Click on one of these and you will see a preview of how your domain looks - along with a number of different options of how it might look. You can change the settings and see the result in real time, then apply the changes for real if you like them.

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