Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Advertising Balloons

Balloons are one of the most effective advertising methods available; it’s impossible to ignore them! Arizona Balloon can provide you foolproof advertising with your company name or message on practically any type of colorful balloons. Messages that reach a potential customer through an object that they enjoy seeing has been proven retained much longer than ordinary ad methods such as billboards or print media. That’s why balloons are one of the best ways to use your advertising budget.

Not only does Arizona Balloon have nearly every kind of shape and color balloon to attract customers, we make them right here in the USA. We manufacture large and small balloons, giant air dancer balloons for about half what you’ll pay elsewhere, durable and high quality dune balloons and custom helium balloons as well as advertising inflatables.

For maximum effect, you might want to use a blimp. Brightly colored and durable, we make our blimps from special material that was developed for NASA. Whether you need a 14 ft. or a giant 30 foot blimp, you’ll attract the attention of everyone that passes. Arizona Balloon has everything you need to promote your service or product while entertaining and delighting thousands of potential customers.

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