Sunday, December 23, 2007


OSI is a free business builder system. You join it, build a downline and they follow you into NPN which is a paying programme. That's how it's supposed to work. Actually, there are several systems that you can join after OSI and the downline should follow you into all of them.This is the whole base of this system.Now let me explain it to you in a bit more detail

One problem that i and most of the people probably face is getting referrals to your programmes,but OSI changes this trend completely.
They tell you where to go to advertise?
They tell you how to advertise?
They tell you how often to advertise?
They give you ads to use?

QUIT jumping from program to program!

I knew NOTHING when I joined OSI. I simply did exactly what i was told to do. I joined the safelists / traffic exchanges I was told to join. I posted the ads I was told to post. I did it every day. And many people joined under me, all i had to do was get them to the sales page and the rest of the work was done by it.


OSI is the business builder. You build the business by following the steps. Building the business means getting referrals and for that you can use the pre-written materials that OSI provides to "convert" your referrals to these paying businesses ,learning how to post ads, you can also write your own ad copy and use the tools in the OSI System to get your referrals, where to go to promote your business, what steps you need to take to keep your business running.OSI is a free system to join.You don't have to spend any money until you see it working

Secondly, OSI uses a series of businesses that members can join. We start with one business at a time and build up to as many as 3 to 7 businesses by using our profits to finance the entire process.

The core-business also referred as NPN(first business) in the system costs just $10.75 per month to join, but has one of, if not the best, affordable payplans on the Internet.

The core-business payplan consists of 6 levels, or steps. OSI members feed their referrals into the core-business and earn $5 recurring commissions on their direct referrals and .50 cent commissions on their indirect referrals 5 levels deep. So it takes just two referrals to get your $10 back and all the rest referrals that join in the NPN are just pure profit

Once a member has earned enough money to advance to the next level in the payplan, they use their profits to advance. Each time you advance, your recurring income will increase as well.

Ultimately, each member will earn a $135 recurring monthly income on each and every direct referral they feed through the 6 steps in the NPN payplan. Remember, that doesn't include the earning from referrals in the lower levels of the payplan.

That means with only 30 direct referrals, you would be earning a MINIMUM of $4,050 per month, or $48,600 (U.S.) per year.


So with all said if you are SERIOUSLY willing to make that commitment to yourself and to the OSI System... you will be successful. However, if you're the type of person that quits something after a few days, weeks or months because you're not a millionaire yet or because it's too hard, or takes too much time... then OSI is NOT for you.
(You need to be referred by someone,this is how the system works)


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Traffic Hoopla

TrafficHoopla exist to build daily and ongoing daily website traffic ,it rates the top (most responsive) 20 Safelists on their website and Leadpage Safe Rankings rates 50 of the top Safelists. It gives u the best sites that u can use on net to drive traffic and also help u make sales for your products.
it increases ur traffic gr8ly so keep promoting it
Why Promote Your TrafficHoopla?
1)To get signups. These signups will potentially join your downline in the entire list of advertising programs. And these programs will greatly reward you for referring others, mostly with additional traffic.
2)To build daily traffic. Earn traffic both as you use these advertising programs and when those you refer do the same.
wish u best of luck


Monday, December 3, 2007


Do you want to earn an extra income while sitting at home?
All you have to do is have an internet connection and i can show you how you can have a steady income stream.
A person does a lot of things while he/she is on internet-he surfs the net, he looks for making new friends,he reads emails, he clicks and checks out products- so why not keep doing this and also get some money paid along with it.
Get paid to read, paid to click, paid to signup, join social forums and make new friends chat, share photos, have discussions and also-- MAKE MONEY
Most of the sites pay you through Paypal, so get your free account(ebay also uses paypal)

Making Money Online is a slow process initially as you have to build up trust and relationships with a lot of people, but after you do all this you will realize how easy it will become to earn a constant salary from the net, and it will just take a couple of hours daily work.

Soon i will walk you through some tips and tricks as to how you can achieve all that is stated above.Ther are many affiliate programs that you can join and earn a constant sum of money from it.I will be honest with you i am not talking about making millions of dollars here, but yes once you understand the process and get well acquianted with it you can earn a few thousands and buy some nice gadgets for yourself.

Ok first i will tell you ways that a newbie should adopt in order to be successful.Now if u live in USA/CANADA/UK 
you have more advantage over others as you will get paid 
for doing surveys as well.But ihave kept in mind that every one gets covered in this discussion, so all that i discuss here is for every one in the world

1)Paid To Click(ptc)---these sites are very slow to make an income but if you follow a few reliable ones and stick to them for some month you can make a few 100 dollars from them.Now the key is to join the maximum number of these kinds of sites.The way these sites work is that you get ads and you have to click them for a fixed period of time and you get paid for this.For eg-BUX a site that has been around for many years now and has paid their coustomers.Then another very reliable site is ADVERCASH it has the same system and pays you for clicking on the ads.CLIX4COINS another good ptc site.The key is getting REFERRALS ie people join under you and you also get whatever they earn , some sites give 100% ref earnings while some give less, the sites mentioned above give 100% ref earning so get ppl under you and make your money double/triple/.....The reason i asked you to join many sites is becuse you get 10 ads approx in every site it takes you 5 mins max to click them and then you go to the next site and so on.Read more

2)Paid To Read(ptr)---very much the same principle as the above, but over here you read emails to get paid.Now there are many sites that have both paid to click and paid to read together in them, that just means more money.Take The Internet Back is a very good site that you can join, it also gives you $10 just for signing up.Read more

3)Forums---now this is the most interesting/ fun way to get paid. There are many forums out there that pay you just to talk to your friends on their site.MYLOT a very successful social forum pays its members to chat, make friends, post discussions.APSENSE another business forum that will help you to understand many things that are going on in the business world, thus u get paid and you learn a lot form these sites.Read more.

4)Traffic---Suppose you are selling something, but if no one comes to see it then no one will knoe about it and hence no sales.Thus to make high sales you need both raw and quality traffic there are many ways to get them.a few of the way is to join traffic sites where you surf other peoples sites and they surf your site.TrafficG,HELPHITS are a few recommended sites.Traffic can help you build your empire to levels that you cant imagine, it is by par THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, traffic will also help you get referrals for your ptc and ptr sites that will again help you eanr more.Read more

5)Ebooks---Now to make some extra money,there are times when you might need to buy things just to make some extra cash for yourself.Ebooks come in the forms of pdf files that have some gr8 information in them. they at times also comes with softwares that will help you to earn more.PERPETUAL TRAFFIC GENERATOR is one such Ebook that will help you get tremendous traffic to any site you want and thus increasing your sales.Read more

6)BLOGGING---this is the most effective and the best way to earn a lot of money and that to very quickly.But initial stages of blogging are difficult as you have to keep getting constant visitors to your blog,try and use BLOGEXPLOSION a very good way to get more traffic to your blog, you have to rank it in top search engines like google/yahoo so that when people search for anything and if you are related to it, your article comes up in search engines.Making money while blogging is the most effective way to get some quich cash in your pocket.Join Sponsored Review, it pays bloggers for writing reviews, it is the best that i have encounterd and i will suggest u to join them, you can make anything from $1 to $1000.Read more

I hope these points will help you to get started on the net and make the right decisions.If you have any more and new ways plz add in your comments.