Friday, March 21, 2008

Systematic Selling

Encore Consulting Group, established in 1998, specializes in custom training solutions and management consulting for both private business and government entities. Our sales training programs are highly successful; our trainees not only improve your bottom line but graduate with refreshed enthusiasm for their craft and a dynamic drive that many say takes the work out of their jobs.

Your sales force will not only increase their sales volume and quality, their confidence will soar as they learn new skills while honing their sales performance. Encore consultants will show them proven tactics for more confident sales and new strategies that will make obstacles easy to negotiate. They will learn how to close more sales in less time and how to sell value over price.

Our unique sales training program features group activities with real-scenario role playing and is 60% interactive, a proven method for learning retention. Your representatives will be more confident, get more consistent results and increase profit margins and customer retention as they learn to build rapport and credibility. Among other topics, we also focus on uncovering less obvious needs of the customer, how to see things from your buyer’s perspective, and eliminating sales stall.

Friday, March 14, 2008

All about Credit

All About Credit is an informative website for those shopping for the credit card that suits their unique needs. This credit cards adviser site lists cards that are best for a variety of credit needs, whether you have no credit and need to build a history or you have poor credit you’re trying to repair or even shopping for the right rewards card.

A helpful question and answer section is included where you can find answers to your questions or pose one of your own. You can see this section plus all the different types of credit cards at credit cards adviser . As well as listing the many types of credit cards and online applications, the site has helpful articles outlining each type of card and its benefits or drawbacks, and even has a section listing foreign credit cards with corresponding links. This site seems to cover all the bases for credit cards needs and information.