Monday, November 12, 2007


MyLot has become really popular with over 100,000 members from around the world. People are sharing opinions, making friends and earning some extra money everyday. I myself have spent quite sometime at MyLot and its been a pleasure. I've been paid twice until now, I've posted Mylot payment proof here already.Its a real earners forum

What is MyLot ?
MyLot is more than just a paid to post forum. Its more of a social networking site like Myspace, Orkut, Friendster, Wallop. The only difference is that MyLot pays you for contributing.
MyLot has been around for long so you can lay firm trust in it.This is one of those sites that will really help you to make money online

MyLot has some very effective and interesting features like rating replies and picking best answers. Extra features allow MyLot members multiple ways to earn money. Apart from posting topics and replies, you can post images too and get paid for it. You can even maximize your earnings if your reply is picked as best answer, a postive rating for your reply improves your reputation and rating. So you virtually earn from anything and everything that you do here on MyLot.


MyLot has never revealed its earning algorithms So its hard to calculate your exact earnings. MyLot users have tried to experiment with several techniques to increase their earnings. Here are some of the tried-and-tested methods that do work to increase your earnings with MyLot. Here come the 11 tips that would work wonder for your MyLot earnings.

1)Start more and and more discussions, this will increase your earnings fast. Replying to other discussions too gets you a few cents but starting your own discussion earns you much more.Here's how
Consider, you reply to a discussion and earn, another person responds to your same reply and you earn even more. Now imagine many members replying to your discussion and you too replying each of those post in your discussion, you will earn more 'n' more.

2)Reply to everyone that responds to your discussions. This has the benefit of prolonging the discussion and increases your earnings. The longer the discussion, the more you earn.

3)Maintain high quality posts. Make sure your posts are atleast four sentences long or more. Quality and Quantity both matter in MyLot. So try to be as detailed as possible in your responses.

4)Rate other discussions and replies. Encourage your readers to rate your discussions as well. The strength 'n' quality of your discussion partially depends on the + and - rating next to it.

5)Post interesting pictures with your discussions. You can also post pics while replying to others' discussions but only if you have 500 points or higher. Post pictures that are eye catching and somewhat relevant to to the discussion.

6)Make as many friends as you can. Respond to their discussions and ask them to respond to your discussions as well.

7)Always start discussions within a specific Interest category. This leads to greater views for your discussions and increases chances of getting more replies.

8)Make use of tags for your discussions. Tags definitely ensure that your discussion is widely read, leading to more responses and increase in earnings.

9)Get referrals, as you would know Referrals are important aspects of earning online so Try and get as many as U can.


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