Monday, November 12, 2007


Bux is a paid to click program.
1 cent per ad
100% ref earning
10$ payout--paypal
grt site,,one of the oldest and most reliable ptc,just today i had 23 ads on this site
for the past one month bux is giving 10 ads
Here is My Payment Proof



homebiz said...


I have a blog very similar to yours and i was just wondering if you would like to exchnge links.

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Anonymous said...

koo said...

I bought 500 referrals, see how my stats go and finally see if is legit

Knightsky said...

I just to find a site, is even better than the, reliable, is the same style, only with a mere difference ...
$ 0.01 per clicks
100% of clicks referals
Minimum payment of $ 1.00 - via paypal or e-gold
+ Or - 20 daily clicks


And at the beginning of this year started the registers for this new bux, for now you can only make the register, and make referals, debut on 1 February of this year will begin the clicks ...
While it is not rotated, it is good to get referals ...

Here the link:

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