Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get the Buzz on Local Business

Buzz Hub, a business internet directory, provides more than the usual Yellow Pages. Whether you are looking for a service or want to get more exposure for your business, Buzz Hub meets your needs in a unique and user friendly format.

People looking for a business listing will find more than just a phone number. Buzz Hub has consumer reviews of doctors, plumbers, restaurants and just about any other service provider you’re looking for. There’s no need to wonder if you’re choosing the right company when you can see exactly what people think of it when you look up the number! You may have heard of a new restaurant in New York, for example, and wonder if you should try it. By looking it up on Buzz Hub, you’ll see what others think of the service, the food and the prices. Buzz Hub is a great tool in planning your vacation, too. You can check out the reputation of a resort in Connecticut, a marina in New Jersey or even a bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania.

Business owners will like Buzz Hub, too. You’ll be accessible to consumers all over the country as well as those in your area. Potential customers will be able to see what your clients think of your service, your prices and your materials. The site provides directions, too, so that people can easily find your store. Their advanced SEO, CRM and Marketing capabilities are cost effective and easy to use. Now you’ll be easily found on the top three search engines; your profile will enable customers to email you or request a call, even make and appointment or reservation over the internet. You can use the statistics that Buzz Hub provides to optimize your advertising and better serve your client base.

With Buzz Hub, consumers can choose a business by choice, not chance!

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