Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Recieve Your Answers on Credit Offers

I’ve been looking for ways to repair my credit. I got into a real mess a few years ago after losing a job and had to pretty much live off my credit cards for a few months. After five years I was able to pay them off but now my credit score is really crummy. I’d like to change jobs but I hear that employers check your credit history to see if you’re reliable. If they really do that, I’ll be flipping burgers if I quit the job I have now!

So, is having a credit card and paying off the entire balance every month really a good way to repair bad credit? I’d like a card with no annual fee but don’t know if there’s that type for people like me. To get all your answers cleared you need professionals who can tell you what is right. You can ask your questions on credit offers over on the site and I am sure you will get a solution for your problem.

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SelectWealthSystem said...

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Beth W.
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