Friday, November 16, 2007

Voxant Newsroom

This is one of those programs where you earn per cpm, and the best part is that you have fun and get to learn a few things.
Voxant's Newsroom has a huge collection of video, text, and photos from over 200 news sources.So all you have to do is embed these things in your site and they pay you for each visit that you get.
Here is how you get paid!
When video news content with an advertisement is played by your viewers, you'll earn a flat-rate CPM (cost per thousand plays). Additionally, you will get paid when a text article or an image you embed is rendered or drawn on the page with an accompanying advertisement.
...................... CPM On Your Site -------CPM On Referred Site
Video Feed -------------$4.00--------------------- $1.00
Video Story -------------$3.00-------------------- $0.50
Text Story ---------------$1.00 --------------------$0.50
Image --------------------$1.00 --------------------$0.50

Now since you also earn when someone puts your website/blog in their voxant account, i would like you to leave your message here so that i can add you in my account and also add me in your account so that you can earn from me--(My Blog ) the same address that got you here

Just embed what ever you like from this site in your own site and that will be how refferal sysytem works at Voxant

there are problems if you are viewing it with internet explorer-ie if your IE is not the latest


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