Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Traffic Flare is a SIMPLE viral marketing system that earns you traffic for FREE.

How Does It Work?
It's a start page program Our program sends website HITS (visitors) to your website doing what you do every day-by being on the internet. You'll earn traffic:
• Every time you open your browser
• Every time your friends/referrals open their browsersWe'll even give you 50 FREE website HITS just for signing up!
•It's an exit traffic POP-UNDER program We give you a one-line code to put on your website. Every time someone visits your website, a random page pops under your website, earning you more website HITS.
In other words, we send you traffic every time someone visits YOUR website.
•It's a banner exchange Program We also give you a one-line banner exchange code to put on your website. Random banners are displayed from our network wherever you put this code. For every two impressions you send, your banner is displayed once.

Traffic Flare-JOIN NOW

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